Versions history

This page shows the main evolution in Phratch.

Version 5.0

  • Currently in development
  • writing tests

Version 4.0

  • make Phratch modular, eg having a kernel and lots of addons.
  • cleaning a lot the source code
  • customizable environment
  • Each block can be made visible or invisible
  • Each category can be made visible or invisible
  • It is possible to add translation for addons with the pragma <phratchTranslation: ‘fr’> in the class PhratchTranslator. This make the translation more modular.
  • First integration of phratch with the pharo environment. Using the pragma at the class side of any class in Pharo make the class visible and usable in phratch.

Version 3.0

  • make Phratch faster
  • cleaning a lot the source code
  • make Phratch more stable
  • writing tests

Version 2.0

  • make Phratch easy to extend
  • create the MetaRepository, you can make add-ons ┬áto extend possibilities of Phratch
  • Language translation
  • Saving files in its own format based on fuel
  • Main menus are declared with pragma
  • Load old Scratch project in Add-on
  • Shift-click for developer menu
  • Block types are reified
  • Only available for Pharo3.0
  • JetStorm is an add-on


  • Make Phratch works as Scratch
  • Integrate BYOB, Panther and new blocks